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            Contact Us




            Add.:10-1 Jinli Road,Haining Economic Development Zone,Haining,Zhejiang,China

            About Us

                     Zhejiang Elite Packaging Materials Co., Ltd is located in Haining Economic Development Zone, it was established in 2010, which specializes in producing, developing  Pyramid tea bags filters, Drip tea and Drip coffee filters. The food grade filter materials --- Nylon mesh filters, Non-woven fabrics, PET mesh, PLA biodegradable filters and drip tea and drip coffee filters, are creative, quick and convenience. Our products are increasingly popular because of their fine qualities. Special needs, such as customizing unique labels, adjusting the length of thread and so on, can be satisfied, which makes our company more competitive in the market. Over the years, the company gains its good reputation in the field as a result of its honesty, performance and reliable products. Welcome to contact us and deal with us!


            Zhejiang Elite Packaging Marerials Co.,Ltd. E-mail:david@hn-elite.com Tel:+86-573-87266786 Fax:+86-573-87263560
            Address:10-1 Jinli Road,Haining Economic Development Zone,Haining,Zhejiang,China Post Code:314400 浙ICP備14034682號