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            PLA Filter of Non-woven
            Date:2018-07-19   Views:1311

            【Product Name】   PLA Biodegradable Filter of Non-woven Fabric


            【 Specification 】   120mm×50mm,      6000pcs/roll,   6rolls/carton

                                             140mm×58mm,       6000pcs/roll,  6rolls/carton

                                             160mm×65mm,       6000pcs/roll,  6rolls/carton


            【        Tag        】    20x20mm


                                             Single-sided Print

                                             Double-sided Print

                                             Other Shapes Customized Print


             Product Model

            Mesh count


            Open Space Radio(%)


            Seal Adaptability




            Transparent Type


            Ultrasonic Seal





            Transparent Type


            Ultrasonic Seal

            Uses:Filters for green tea, black tea, healthcare tea, herb tea and herbal medicines.


            1. It is a mesh tea bag filter, woven from polylactic fibers, which are chemosynthesized(polymerized) through lactic acid fermentation from raw plant sugars, which with the excellent permeability and water flow, make it optimal as a filter for tea leaves.

            2. Without harmful substance were detected in boiling water experiment. And meet Food Sanitation Standards.

            3. After use, the filter can biodegrade within a week to a month through composting or biogas processing, and can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide It will also biodegrade completely if buried in soil. However, the speed of decomposition depends on soil temperature, humidity, PH, and microbial populations.

            4. No generation of hazardous gases such as dioxin when burnt, At the same time, the production of GHG (such as carbon dioxide) less than regular plastic.

            5. PLA biodegradable polylactic acid materials with Antibacterial properties and mildew resistance.

            6. PLA as a biodegradable materials, which would be helpful to the sustainable development of a society.

            1. It is simple and fast to make pyramid tea bags without additional filters.

            2.Pyramid tea bag allows consumers to enjoy the original fragrance.

            3. Allow tea to be fully bloomed in the pyramid tea bag, and also make the tea Released completely

            4.Fast taste

            5.Make full use of the original tea, can brew repeatedly for long time

            6.Ultrasonic seamless sealing, shape the image of high-quality teabag. Because of its transparency, it allows consumers to directly see the quality of raw materials inside, do not worry about tea bags using inferior tea. The pyramid tea bag has a broader market prospect and is a choice for experiencing high-quality tea.

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